Celebrating Culinary Excellence: The Emperor of India's Legacy of Hospitality and Flavor

Nestled in the heart of Maidenhead, The Emperor of India stands as a testament to the vision of Azmal Ali, his business partner, and his devoted wife, Shima Ali, who embarked on a gastronomic journey in 2002. This culinary haven was born out of a desire to offer impeccable service and a warm, welcoming atmosphere to all its patrons. As the owners reflect on their journey, it is with a sense of pride that they mark nearly 21 years of unwavering commitment to their ethos.

Award Winning Team

The Emperor of India is not just a restaurant; it’s a beautiful hub that can seat up to 60 guests, making it a bustling spot beloved by the local community. Its popularity is a tribute to the genuine hospitality that resonates within its walls, where every visitor is embraced with an experience that extends beyond mere dining.

The menu, a vibrant mosaic of flavors, is carefully curated to guide diners through its offerings. With stars twinkling beside dishes to signify the heat level, the culinary adventure is both intuitive and thrilling. Among the stars of the menu is the M Merie Masala, a dish steeped in tradition and bold flavors, boasting a symphony of 17 different spices. It’s an authentic invitation to explore the depths of Indian cuisine.

Then there’s the Lamb Chili Fry, a dish that marries the concept of stir-fry with robust Indian spices, creating a fusion that’s both innovative and deeply rooted in culinary traditions. It’s this fearless approach to blending techniques and tastes that keeps the Emperor of India at the forefront of Maidenhead’s dining scene.

The Emperor of India isn’t just about the food; it’s about the memories created and the smiles shared. It’s about the sense of community that’s been fostered within its walls for nearly two decades. As they continue to serve their guests with the same zeal that marked their opening day, the Ali family and their team invite you to be part of their story, one exquisite meal at a time.