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Maidenhead Restaurant Side Orders

Side Orders Menu


Special Fried Rice
Basmati rice fried with peas & egg.

Mushroom Fried Rice
Basmati rice with fried mushroom.

Kashmiri Fried Rice
Basmati rice fried with fruit and nuts.

Keema Rice
Basmati rice fried with minced lamb.

Pilau Rice
Basmati rice with saffron.

Steamed Rice
Plain basmati rice.

Breads and Accompaniments

Freshly baked, puffy bread.

Peshwari Naan
With coconut & raisins.

Garlic Naan
Topped with garlic.

Cheese Naan
Stuffed with cheddar cheese.

Keema Naan
Stuffed with mildly spiced minced lamb.

Kulcha Naan
Stuffed with onions and coriander.

Layered whole wheat fried bread.

Alu Paratha
Layered wholwheat fried bread stuffed with potatoes.

Thin baked bread.

Whole wheat flower bread baked in the tandoor.

Small deep fried puffy bread.

Plain yoghurt with chopped cucumber.

Mixed Salad
Chopped tomato, cucumber, lettuce, red onions and mixed peppers.

Plain Papadum

Spicy Papadum

Chutney (Per Person)

Restaurant Ambience