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Emperor of India Reviews

Restaurant Ambience

Award winning Emperor of India offers the best in Indian dining. The food, the location, the atmosphere, accompanied by the welcoming staff and our valued customers are the best judges of the experience we indulge.

Absolutely amazing atmosphere, excellent food, I would highly recommend Emperor of India.
-Rav Web Genies

Mouthwatering food, very good service. Rating 5/5
- Sally Brown, Maidenhead

Emperor Of India is the best example of authentic Indian Cuisine in the UK. I highly recommend it. - Rating 5/5
Malini Suri, Commissioner, BBC Jam.

Outstanding food and impeccable service. Quite simply the best Indian restaurant we have ever experienced!
- Chris & Jayne Kerrison, Holyport

Quite simply the best Indian around. The ambience and the food are exceptional. Rating 5/5
- Chris Simpson

First class service & food to die for! THE BEST Indian Restaurant around by a long way! Rating 5/5
- Theo Dimishky

Outstanding food & service as well excellent management. One of th great Indian restaurant. Rating 5/5
- Aryan

As a previous fan of the restaurants in Cookham I can honestly say "The Emperor Of India" is by far the best Indian restaurant in the area! Rating 5/5
- Mr Richard Branch

If you have not savoured the authentic Indian cuisine of this outstanding restaurant you are missing a seriously exquisite experience. Served in delightful ambience and by outstanding owners and staff Rating: 5/5
- Mr Mike Goodacre

Restaurant Ambience