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Maidenhead Restaurant Appetisers

Appetisers Menu

Emperor's Mixed Starter
Mixed selection consisting of Onion Bhaji, Vegetable Samosa, Sheek Kebab, Lamb chop & Chicken Tikka.

Calamari Mirchi Fry
Ocean calamari stir fried with pure Kerala spices. Served with a garnish.

Spicy Kakra
Soft shell crab delicately spiced and coated with cornflower and deep fried. Served with onions, peppers and chillies.

Garlic Fried King Prawns
King prawns delicately spiced with garlic, tossed in cornflour and deep fried.

Grilled King Prawns
King prawns lightly spiced and grilled in the tandoor.

King Prawn Puri
Tender king prawns diced, lightly spiced and served with a light and flaky fried whole-wheat bread.

Prawn Puri
Small prawns slightly spiced and served with a light and flaky fried whole-wheat bread.

Chicken or Lamb Tikka
Chicken or lamb pieces marinated in spices and yoghurt and barbecued grilled.

Chicken Hariyali
Boneless chicken pieces flavoured with a blend of mint, coriander and green herb sauce. Served with garnish.

Marinated on the bone chicken mid-wing ,chargrilled in the Tandoor. A speciality of our Chef Nazrul.

Spicy Lamb Chops
Tender lamb chops exotically marinated in spices and char grilled.

Sheek Kebab
Minced lamb pungently spiced and char grilled.

Duck Tikka
Pieces of duck marinated in spices and yoghurt and barbecued in the tandoor.

Lamb or Vegetable Samosas
A choice lightly spiced minced lamb or lightly spiced mixed vegetable in crispy pastry.

Chilli Paneer
Cubes of paneer cheese grilled and cooked with spring onions, chillies and a touch of soya sauce served on a bed of lettuce.

Onion Bhajee
Finely chopped onions, flavoured with herbs and spices and deep fried.

Alu Chat
Sliced potatoes in a spicy tamarind sauce, served with puri bread.

Alu Chat / Chicken Chat
Sliced potatoes or chicken in a tangy tamarind sauce served with puri bread

Chicken Pakora

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