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Maidenhead Restaurant House Specialities

House Specialities Menu

Emperor's Green Chicken Curry
An Indian take on the green curry. Tender strips of chicken breast cooked in a unique blend of fresh mint ,coriander and green chilies . A perfect balance of flavours packed with a spicy kick.

Malabar Chicken
Pieces of chicken breast, cooked in mustard seeds, curry leaves and coconut milk.

Murgh Bade Sabah
Pieces of chicken breast cooked with green chillies, coriander, fresh ginger, fresh yoghurt and a touch of butter (medium).

Butter Chicken
Strips of tandoori chicken cooked in a delicious butter sauce. Can be cooked mild or slightly spices.

Tender baby lamb chops on the bone cooked in chef's special spices. Highly recommended (medium or hot)

Sliced chicken cooked in Cumin, Coriander , Fresh tomato,Jeera,Ajwain,Garlic and ginger (medium or hot)

Juicy King prawns from the Bengal region of the indian ocean cooked in Garlic, Ginger, fresh tomato, Tomato purée and chef's special spices, highly recommended (medium or hot)

Chicken Chilli Fry
Strips of breast of chicken marinated in cornflour and soy sauce, stir fried with spring onions, peppers and chillies.

Lamb Chilli Fry
Strips of lamb marinated in cornflour and soy sauce, stir fried with spring onions, peppers and chillies.

Chef's Lamb Special
Tender pieces of lamb cooked in chef's own home made spices. A truly distinctive and flavoursome dish (medium)

Lamb Pasanda
Tender pieces of lamb marinated in cultured yoghurt then cooked delicately with ground nuts in a mild creamy almond sauce.

Duck Shashlik Masala
Cubes of marinated grilled duck, cooked in a karahi with shallots, tomatoes, ginger, peppers and coriander in a sauce.

Sea Bass

Chicken Pasanda
Tender pieces of chicken marinated in cultured yoghurt and then cooked delicately in a creamy mild sauce

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